There are countless timelines and agendas converging on this planet; Earth is a highly valuable piece of “real estate” to be fought over – for those that want to own it, yet won’t. Some came to experience tyranny, some to terrorize. For some the ultimate experience was to sit on a boat and drink champagne. Some came to explore the function of the matrix program and discover the codes that open the portals.

The 2012 Portal was a date for Ascension, and it may have passed unexpectedly smoothe, but it started a new Great Cycle with a polarizing dynamic, that is generating the present trajectory of timeline disparity and divergence, a seed code embedded in the library of every form of DNA.
The momentum that culminated in the formation of this portal had been building through the interference patterns of the infrastructure of the galactic holography.

Cosmic Order. Whether that code was unpacked, deciphered and integrated, or not, was, and is, a matter of choice. It is choice that is dictating much of what we experience.

This page is about to reveal the cosmic (meta)-physical geometric structure that is underlying our vibrational existence, connecting the many ancient sites on our planet, the inherent geometry of matter, the “language” structure of light, and the structure of Crystals and DNA. This is planned to be online around Summer Solstice – we are working on it 🙂

For now, you can visit our 3D Sacred Geometry webshop, where you can find already quite some detailed information about harmonic geometry and its interaction with spacetime and consciousness, in each specific article.

 Metatron’s Stargate :

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